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Anise hyssop, Snow Spike

Anise hyssop, Snow Spike

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Agastache foeniculum. Perennial. Snow Spike had edible flowers and leaves as well as purported medicinal qualities. The minty licorice flavor makes a wonderful relaxing, throat soothing, and decongesting tea. The flowers and leaves are great for adding a bright flavor to salads, soups, desserts and drinks. Plants grow 3-4’ tall and 18” wide and will go dormant in the winter, but show good perennial regrowth in raised beds, containers, and well-drained soils. The prolific flowers are known for producing huge amounts of nectar for bees and beneficial insects. Attracts butterflies, honey bees, many native bees, as well as hummingbirds and night flying moths.


Try a fresh leaf tea (not dried) and your life will not be the same! Just steep leaves in hot water (to desired flavor) and you will be floored by the intense flavor. Dry some leaves near the end of the season to put up for the winter months!

Photo courtesy of Adaptive Seeds

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