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Bachelor's Button, Florists Blue Boy

Bachelor's Button, Florists Blue Boy

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(Centaurea cyanus) Bachelor’s Buttons deserve a place in every garden. They are easy-to-grow, edible flowers, make a nice little cut flower, and pollinators love them. Florist Blue Boy grows 2-3' tall with brilliant icy blue double-flowers. brought to Edible petals retain their color after drying and can be used as a compress for your tired, swollen eyes and as an ingredient for a facial steam. Fresh or dried they are lovely added to salads, tea mixes, cake decorations and anywhere a touch of blue would be welcomed including your watercolor paintings. Naturalizes easily if you let some go to to seed. Drought tolerant and deer resistant. Self-sowing annual that can handle frost when young. Aka, Cornflower.


Picture and description: Uprising Seeds

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