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Leek, Pancho

Leek, Pancho

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I love cooking with leeks and keep them growing in the garden all year round. Leeks are onions "on the lighter side" and perfect for egg dishes where you don't want an onion flavor that overwhelms. All the varieties I grow work both for spring and fall (overwintering) plantings and Pancho is also a great producer of medium to large leeks that are so sweet and crisp. 


Grow info:

4" pots have about 10 or more leek starts per pot - separate and plant into garden spacing at least 4-6" apart.


To get more of the softer white flesh, plant leeks in a furrow and then backfill the soil after they grow. I don't do this and still get lots of the white part, plus the green "leaves" are just as edible and are even more flavorful. Try them in a soup! 


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