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  • How much does a garden consultation cost?
    I'm glad you asked! This means you are looking to take your gardening skills (and garden, edible landscaping or urban farm) to the next level. I'm here to help you do that. Email me to schedule a free phone consultation where we can discuss your garden dreams, location, and my fees. An initial garden consultation is generally two hours - in person visit and a garden plan summary. Semi-weekly or monthly garden visits and check-ins, plus ongoing email/virtual support. Depending on your needs I can also create a garden layout, design, and planting plans. Garden coaching clients get 10% off and free delivery of organically grown garden starts, selected for your growing space and culinary preferences!
  • What is your gardening philosophy?
    I use organic gardening practices, including many natural farming and permaculture techniques including: - No till gardening: Soil is life - Natural pest control, no chemicals - Natural weed control, no chemicals - Practice letting go of trying to control: Observe nature before reacting - Plant things you love, some things for the pollinators, and plant enough to share - Treat the land, soil, and all living things with respect and kinship If we reconnect to what sustains us, we will all be healthier and happier and so will the planet!
  • Why do I need a garden coach?
    Well, maybe you don't! But I found that just taking a class can only get me so far. I need hands-on learning. And the best place for hands-on learning is in your own garden with your own growing conditions. There is so much gardening advice and resources out there and an unlimited amount of advice... it can get confusing and overwhelming and cause you to not even what to start! I can help you get over the fear of "messing up" or not gardening the "right" way! I will be there with you every step of the way to work through issues, provide resources, and celebrate your gardening success. Let's talk!
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