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Vegetable, Flower & Herb Starts

I grow a unique variety of edible garden starts, including flowers and medicinal herbs using only the best local and organic seeds and organic soils.  Bulk discounts for clients and gardening companies. Please Contact Marni if you would like help selecting the right plants for your garden!

Seasonal Veggie Starts

All the PNW veggie faves from kale & kohlrabi, to tomatoes and peppers delivered to GRT clients.


Not sure what to plant where?

Contact Marni for a FREE phone consultation!

Herb Starts

Attract pollinators, and create self-sufficiency by growing a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs! 

Not sure which herbs are right for your garden? Contact Marni for advice!

Flowers - Edible & such

The best way to attract pollinators and prevent pests is to create diversity in the garden and soil. Plus, you get pretty flowers! Many edible and medicinal varieties.

Got pest problems and not sure which plants to plant with what? Contact Marni!

Interested in purchasing garden starts for your business?

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