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Catnip (not just for cats!)

Catnip (not just for cats!)

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For that special purr-son in your life! Grow your own cat "crack" and your cat's will go crazy for the fresh stuff - but it can also easily be dried for making your own cat toys.


But wait, catnip isn't just for cats! Did you know it also has medicinal qualities for human persons? The flowering tops can be used for herbal teas and has been used to treat nervousness and anxiety. Always consult your doctor before using any herbal medicine.


In the garden, catnip can work to repel certain pests - claims include repelling flea beetles from brassicas. It is a member of the mint family and can easily reseed, so I usually keep it in a pot, versus interplanting it in my garden beds. It's strong odor is even said to repel rabbits (I'm definitely going to test this out this year and report back next year)!



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