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Tanacetum parthenium. I get pretty worked up and passionate about sharing the fact that folks can grow their own medicine! I mean think of how upset big pharma would be if we all started growing some of our own? Growing feverfew in the garden is an act of resistance!


Feverfew is easy to grow and easy to use fresh (leaves) or dried (please read up on it first and check out the warnings/potential interactions before using). Traditionally it is used as a pain and fever (hence the name) reliever but check out all the uses - even useful as a pest repellent! It's not so tasty, so I add some honey or other flowery herbs to mask the taste.


PLUS, it attracts pollinators and the petite daisy-like flowers produce throughout the season and sometimes even over the winter! It easily return each year by self seeding, but is easy to remove. 

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