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Green Onion 'White Spear'

Green Onion 'White Spear'

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Allium fistulosum. Green Onion / Scallion. 60 days.

Dependably produces beautiful bunches of green onions. Upright growth with no flopping, vigorous and easy to clean. So perfect that you don’t even need to cut the tops off. Bright green leaves and white bottoms are tall yet stocky. Also a good variety for overwintering with much success. White Spear will go perennial and slowly self propagate in our Pacific Northwest climate, as long as you don’t eat them all.


Approximately 10-15 scallions per 4" pot. Plant as one bunch or divide into two bunches of 5. Harvest by cutting at base and leaving the roots to regrow. Flowers are lovely and edible too!


Photo: Adaptive Seeds

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