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Monarda, Lemon Bergamot

Monarda, Lemon Bergamot

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Monarda citridoria. Annual or fall-sown biennial.

Lemon Bergamot Monarda achieves the garden trifecta of being an ornamental, culinary/medicinal, and insectary plant. Tubular purple flowers form in clusters around the stem, with two to six clusters along each stem. Perhaps most well known as an herbal flavoring for tea, leaves have a citrusy aroma and flavor with notes of oregano. Leaves make an excellent flavoring for stews, seafood and roasted meats. Lemon Bergamot also has a long history of medicinal usage to treat colds. Pollinators of all types including hummingbirds and butterflies flock to the flowers. Blooms over a long season from May to September making it a great addition to the annual flower garden. Good for use in cut or dried arrangements, as stems have good vase life and hold their form when dried. Deer and drought tolerant, may self seed. Height 2.5’ and 12” wide. Good in pots as well.


Photo: Adaptive Seeds

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