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Tomato, Geranium Kiss

Tomato, Geranium Kiss

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65 days. Dwarf-determinate. An excellent choice for container gardening! Stocky, dwarf plants, with rugose foliage, grow just 24 to 30" high and produce loads of golf ball sized, bright red fruits that are round with pointed ends. Tomatoes have a good texture, and exceptional flavor and grow in clusters of 10 or more and weigh about 1 ounce each. In trials, plants exhibited tolerance to Early Blight and Septoria. Bred by Dr. Alan Kapuler, PhD. of Peace Seeds.


Plant deeply to encourage healthy root structure. Irregular watering can result in blossom end rot. Water deeply, less often. Check for moisture below the soil before watering. If the plant is in a pot, water until it runs out of the bottom. Pots will need watered daily in summer.

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