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New GRT Merch!

Coming soon to the GRT online store: Organic women's t-shirts and stickers featuring artwork designed by my daughter Nina.

Stickers for your favorite water bottle!

If you have worked with me as a client, taken a class, or just purchased plants, you've likely heard me say to always "plant enough to share." I say this with regards to planting enough to be willing to lose a few plants to pests and diseases, but also with regards to sharing the harvest with neighbors and communities. The sharing doesn't stop there but extends into sharing seeds, both literal plant seeds and your seeds of knowledge with others.

Increasing connections between humans and what sustains them, healthy ecosystems that can provide healthy food and create healthy communities, is why I started Growing Roots Together. And it is my hope that through you, as Pollinators, we can help to create a world in which humans respect and protect what nourishes us all - our Mother Earth.

GROW IT FORWARD: For each shirt sold, GRT will donate a pack of veggie starts to the Lynnwood Food Bank to help our neighbors in need grow a garden!

Products will be available in the Growing Roots Together shop soon!

Remember, food banks LOVE to get donations of homegrown produce and herbs, so don't forget to plant enough to share! Check your local food bank for donation days.

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