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Client Testimonial: Cat's Sun & Moon Backyard Garden

Growing Roots Together garden design and coaching were exactly what I needed to turn my garden daydreams into reality.

Before I was introduced to Marni at Growing Roots Together, I did not think I would ever be able to grow and maintain a successful garden. I tried to learn to garden by watching gardening shows and googling advice, but these resources referred to basic gardening knowledge, tools, and terminology that I lacked. I daydreamed about building a garden, but I was overwhelmed.

After gaining foundational knowledge from Marni’s gardening classes, I was able to successfully grow my first small edible garden in containers on my patio. It was a wonderful experience, but I wanted to do more! I had a big yard full of grass and weeds ready for transformation, but I couldn’t really envision how to use the space for the garden. I was very hesitant to pour a big investment in time and money into the project without a real plan.

Growing Roots Together garden design and coaching were exactly what I needed to turn my garden daydreams into reality. Marni developed a garden design specific to my gardening goals and comfort level. The design included highly personalized recommendations that thoughtfully took into account issues like the beds and trellises I already owned, my history of back pain and physical limitations, and safety issues for my pets. Marni helped me think through other issues that would not have occurred to me, like ensuring that my beds allowed for paths wide enough to comfortably work in but were close enough to use a drip irrigation system. We went through a few iterations of the design for the garden on paper, and then I selected a final design and went to work!

Cat's Backyard Garden Before - She developed her plan as part of the Urban Farming: Garden Design course

Physically building the garden myself was a ton of work, but because I had a clear design and plan I was able to tackle the projects with confidence. At each garden coaching session with Growing Roots Together Marni would tour the garden and the work I had done so far, help me troubleshoot issues, and set goals for the period before our next visit. In between visits, I was able to contact Marni with any questions that arose and for advice on specific plants and gardening issues. Marni also sent helpful reminders when it was time to fertilize, get starts or seeds in the ground, and harvest. Knowing that I have a coaching visit coming up helps motivate me to tackle my gardening tasks and stay on track. And the customer discount on Marni’s homegrown organic starts ensured that I was planting healthy and healthful plants!

I truly believe that if I never found Growing Roots Together my garden would still be a daydream in my head and not the beautiful urban edible landscape it is today. Marni’s design and coaching services are perfect for any enthusiastic but inexperienced gardener needing an extra push to make their dream garden a reality.

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